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Finally, Phoebe and I are getting this thing off the ground. I hope you L-Jers enjoy out twisted concept of a rating community. Have fun kiddies <3

Name: Leigh
Nickname: Leelee, Lei, Leigh Babes
Age: LEGAL BIATCH, hmm 18
Location: Houston, Texas
Sexuality: Straight
Political Association: Hmm..a cross between Rep and Demo
What is/was your most embarassing moment? Hmm? Possibly..having my airhead moments with TBS :/ Ask if you really must know
What was the last CD you purchased? Shit.. um.."NORTH" Something Corporate?
When was the last time you got rejected? This was more like a 'silent rejection'
What song describes you the best? Brand New "SoCo Amaretto and Lime"
Favorite cover song: Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (an original Oasis song)
Tell a joke or something. Just make us laugh. One night my friend Amy was over and we had ordered Chinese food, and after we ate I was doing a load of wash. Well, the washing machine was being a fucker and I was panicing 'cause I didn't know what the hell was wrong with it. So, I pick up the phone in a hast to call my mom or someone.. I pushed redial no realizing it wasnt my moms number it was calling.. the nexy thing I know, someone answers and I go "I DONT KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH THE WASHING MACHINE" and I hear this Asian guy on the other line "hello?? who dis??" Hmm needless to say Amy was crying so hard she was laughing.
What's your 'style'/'scene'? I'm a jeans and flip flops girl with a trendy twist
What are some of your guilty pleasures? Boys with shaggy hair. Reading. Music. and designer purses.
What makes you perfect? The fact that I'm the mod of this thing <3

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