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Well. Leigh and I have it up. After meticulous planning and naming and making of icons and putting the type face in arial, it is here. So go crazy. Please. Name: Phoebe
Nickname: um, Phoebs, Fifi, That Girl From the Brand New Show
Age: 18
Location: Austin, TX
Sexuality: straight
Political Association: democratic since conception
What is/was your most embarassing moment?: Hmm. There have been several. I guess I'd have to say spewing iced tea out of my nose in front of several attractive people at Marie Callendar's. It was embarassing, and messy.
What was the last CD you purchased?: Online I purchased On A Wire by The Get Up Kids. In the store, Bayside - Sirens And Condolences
When was the last time you got rejected?: __radlikewhoa. But they have not seen the last of me.
What song describes you the best?: Indoor Living - Motion City Soundtrack
Favorite cover song: Recorded: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - The Starting Line. Live: Message In A Bottle - Taking Back Sunday.
Tell a joke or something. Just make us laugh.: Okay, I'm lazy and since I'm already accepted I'm not really doing this. My car has a middle name. That should make you laugh.
What's your 'style'/'scene'?: I'm an emo kid. Simple as that.
What are some of your guilty pleasures?: American Idol and Clay Aiken. Hee.
What makes you perfect?: The fact that I mod this community w/ Leigh. And that I've seen Brand New three times. And that Andrew McMahon hugged me four times. Yeah.
Atleast 2 pictures of yourself, but no more than 4.: Look in the userinfo. There's one. And again, laziness.
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