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application nationnnn.

Name carolyn marie
Nickname car, care, car car as lee lee calls me. some people call me evil child.
Age 17
Location massachusetts
Sexuality straight, but i think gay people are awesome.
Political Association democrat
What is/was your most embarassing moment? i dont really know. i have lots. crap, uhmmmmmmm being caught dancing and singing to britney spears' toxic by my boyfriend.
What was the last CD you purchased? clem snide- ghost of fashion and punk vs. emo and death cab for cute- transatlanticism.
When was the last time you got rejected?....never have been. im so spoiled.
What song describes you the best?this is hard. uhm, right now i think its finch- what it is to burn
Favorite cover song dustin from thrice- round here and the nada surf cover of "if you leave" on the OC this week. or or uhm NFG's- glory of love.
Tell a joke or something. Just make us laugh. MSG'D! -----seriously, its hilarious.
What's your 'style'/'scene'?-- alot of people think that they can diss me by calling me 'emo'. so i guess im 'emo'.
What are some of your guilty pleasures?---fall out boy, american eagle, britney spears, new found glory
What makes you perfect?---hmm. well, i have 'cool' green eyes. and lee lee loves me. my boyfriend is in a band.
Atleast 2 pictures of yourself, but no more than 4.

(these photos arent the best i have, but theyre the ones that show up on the first page of mt photobucket and the site is being painfully slow, sorry.)
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