Wonder Number Eight (xadornation) wrote in still_perfect,
Wonder Number Eight


Name: Whitney
Nickname: Whit, Whit-Whit, Lou
Age: Seventeen
Location: North Carolina
Sexuality: Straight
Political Association: Democrat
What is/was your most embarassing moment? Myrtle Beach, Labor Day Weekend '03, When I was walking in front of these insanely hot guys (mind you were on The Strip which is PACKED), these guys across the street are running over to take photographs with me&a friend and I trip on the sidewalk and go like flying forward :/. Yeah, really almost busted my ass in front of a slew of people ... I tend to trip over my own feet.
What was the last CD you purchased? Uh... I can't remember to be honest, one that I've purchased recently was Story of the Year & one by Diamond Rio
When was the last time you got rejected? From RazrBladeBeauty (community on here)
What song describes you the best? "Me" by Paula Cole, "Even the Street's" by Matt Wertz
Favorite cover song? "Tiny Dancer", remade by Tim McGraw
Tell a joke or something. Just make us laugh. "Why did you get a spider tattooed on your butt?"; REPLY -- "It's a phobia, and you should be scared of my ass". Okay, so I'm not good at jokes on the spot, haha.
What's your 'style'/'scene'? Don't really have one. Style wise, it's a mix of punk & prep (heels, dickies, tattered denim, tight t-shirts, anything with music on it, t-shirts, flip-flops, graphic tees, thrift purchases, polka dots). Emotional, it's clashing. Personality, it's crazy, laid back, mingle with whoever. I'm me!
What are some of your guilty pleasures? The Backstreet Boys [sweet jesus], Pee-Wee Herman, Old 80's songs [Cyndi / Pebbles / Etc.].
What makes you perfect? I am me, I don't change to satisfy others (unless I adore you), I have an amazing outlook on life. Because I'm perfect, damnit! And, I like SoCo :P And LeeLee is my girl from way back when, gotta love the 'net.

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